Sufferfest Brewing Company: Old Man Winter Bike Rally & Run

Role: Logo Design, Brand Development, Illustration

Old Man Winter Bike Rally & Run is an event in Lyons, CO that has tested the mettle of cyclist for years. In 2019, the organizers of the event wanted a new look and feel to bring it into the present and give it a more refined feel. MDC accomplished this by keeping the Old Man Winter character in the logo but refining it with thick lines and a color palette that screams frigid winter.

With Rapha on board as a sponsor, I wanted jerseys and caps that not only had the same theme as the rest of the event branding, but I wanted it to stand out in a sea of brightly colored/busy jerseys in the current market. We accomplished this by using more subtle tones and positioning them in a way that was less in your face and more classy.

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