Sanitas Brewing Co.

Role: Can Design, Brand Development

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Sanitas Brewing Co. out of Boulder, CO for a few years now. We have slowly and methodically morphed their cans into a more vibrant eye catching design with a larger owl on the front of the can. We wanted the owl to be the main act in the show and not just rely on text and colors to catch your eye. In order to seamlessly transition from their original design to some of the more recent wild color palettes, we spent most of 2018 releasing new designs that were a far departure from the original cans… but not too far. 2018 was a year of using new design structure on the can, but it was also a stepping stone to give way to our eye catching designs.

From this.

This is the original design of the can before MDC got involved. Note: smaller owl, less vibrant colors and a heavy white base.

To this.

2018 was a year of easing into a new design aesthetic.

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